General Dentistry

General Dentist in Austin, TX
General Dentistry

General dentistry is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases affecting the teeth and gums along the region of the jaw and face.  General dentists service a wide range of maintenance that affect oral hygiene and tooth health.

Ideally, dentistry should be preventive.  The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends regular visits to the dentist to ensure proper oral hygiene.  Regular checkups prevent development of serious dental problems and enjoy excellent dental health.

Preventive Care

Regular dental visits prevents major dental problems.  For example, treating tooth decay may take a simple tooth filling.  However, if left undetected, tooth decay may not show any signs of pain until it gets close to the nerve of the tooth.  After that, a crown or a root canal may be needed .

At Avenue Dental, Dr Wong encourages routine check up to detect any signs of tooth decay or infection that may lead to more complicated and expensive treatments.