Avenue Dental Plan

Adult – $240
Child (12 or under) – $190
$10 enrollment fee
$15 office visits

Two comprehensive oral exams, basic cleanings, x-rays and special member fee for dental procedures.

  • Comprehensive Oral Exam
    The dentist will evaluate your mouth, teeth, gums, bite, signs of gum disease, loose or broken teeth, a damaged tooth filling and tooth decay
  • Basic Cleanings
    Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned with a Prophy-Jet, polished and flossed, leaving them fresh and gleaming
  • X-Rays
    To enable the dentist to make certain that no cavities are present

Procedure                   Non-Member Fee                Member Fee
Oral Exam                     included                                 included
Cleaning                        included                                 included
X-Ray                              included                                 included
Filling (front)*               $173                                       $96
Filling (back)*                $207                                       $120
Root Canal**                 $1000                                    $584
Crown                             $1300                                    $733
Dentures***                  $1630                                    $974

(*) One surface filling, (**) Bicuspid, (***) Complete dentures


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